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Learning to Fly

I worked with Karmen Berentsen for many years on this memoir. Why did it take so long? She had packed a lot of life in a few decades, but there was more living and more learning to be done before the memoir could be complete. During that time, she had a child (Reese) and became CEO of A Line Boutique (four of what are arguably the most important women`s boutiques in Denver). This is a memoir about losing and finding yourself--personally, in relationships, and in business.

The Blades

Book three in Allynn Riggs` series The Stone`s Blade continues the story of the Stones and their Singers, the inhabitants of Lrakira and Teramar, and the colorful characters (Ani, Renloret, Taryn, and all the rest) with a few surprises. The link between the two planets has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher.

Embracing the Gap

Terry Kruegel wrote a memoir like no other about personal and spiritual transformation, and I had the pleasure of editing it. Terry`s sanity was lost, thanks to drugs and an emotional upheaval, so he went on a quest to find peace of mind. One look from a Tibetan Buddhist monk created an opening. He went from paranoia to mystical experience and back again many times and traveled around Europe and the Near East before landing in Boulder, Colorado, where he was mentored by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Breast Cancer - I'm Still Smiling!

Colleague Cheryl Callighan, who was project managing, pulled me in to edit this book by Diane von Brainisfried (aka Diane Uniman). We dubbed ourselves the Royal Cabal and had a great time. Yes, Diane had breast cancer. Yes, she`s still smiling. Through her own experiences and insights, along with research-based strategies, she shows others how to keep smiling through it too.

The Devil's Breath
Bless Your Mess

Why fight with your clutter when you can Bless Your Mess and create a space you love to come home to? Melanie edited this delightful, helpful book by Ashi . . . and organized a thing or two of her own in the process.


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