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Here’s what some of Melanie’s clients have to say:

Melanie has been my editor for two of my books, and I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, precise editing experience. Her editing has always helped polish my prose and made me a better writer.

Mark Shaiken, author of Cram Down and Unfair Discrimination

If you are looking for an editor who has amazing technical skills and total dedication to her craft, Melanie is the one! Melanie has demonstrated the uncommon ability to adapt to an author’s unique style, making necessary editorial improvements without compromising the author’s authenticity and originality. In a word, Melanie is pure magic for your manuscript! And she’s fun to work with too.

Diane Uniman, aka Princess Diane von Brainisfried,
author of Bonjour Breast Caner--I’m Still Standing

Melanie is adept in getting at the meaning and substance, the heart and essence of writing. She helps the writer capture the vision that lies beneath character and moves plot. She has an energy that is so pervasive, motivating, and contagious that it inevitably finds its way into the writer's work. Melanie is a skilled collaborator and trusted partner who is totally engaged in making the work a success.

                                                                                                                        Joyce Miller, author of A Dispelling of Darkness

I was a first-time author, writing a memoir, and I had no idea what I was doing. When I first spoke to Melanie Mulhall, I knew I was in the right hands. Not only did she do her research on my story, she took the time to guide me so I could make my dream of being an author come to a wonderful reality. She really cares about her clients, and that makes her a top-notch editor.

                                                                                                                        Susan Snow, author of The Other Side of the Gun

Since meeting Melanie Mulhall at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, I have been in awe of how a small sprite of a woman fills such a large space in any room she enters. I was delighted when she said yes to working with me to produce the best possible science fiction series, and over the years, we have become friends. She is, admittedly, a taskmaster, but she has always believed I could be a better storyteller and a better writer. Melanie has put in countless hours of coaching, nudging, remonstrating, and encouraging me to stretch my abilities, and together, we have learned and worked through the difficulties of creating a series truly worth writing and reading. It is with her coaching that I have published two award-winning books and will see the third published within the next year. She has expanded my skills, desire, and confidence to continue this voyage. She has helped me see the truth of the story these characters demanded I write and given me the structure and support to tell it well. I look forward to working with her on many upcoming books. [Note: Since this endorsement, I am happy to say that book three of the Stone's Blade Series, The Blades, was published. Allynn then went on to complete the series with a fourth book, The Seventh Stone. I am honored and humbled to be able to say that she dedicated that fourth book to me.]

Allynn Riggs, author of the EVVY Award winning books, 
The Blood and The Balance, Books One and Two of the Stone’s Blade series


Melanie makes books better. She’s sensitive to the writer’s style and intent but unafraid to make suggestions on content and structure--an editor in every sense. She’s also communicative, friendly, and very supportive.

David Fuselier, author of The Standing Bear and Feast of the Dead


Melanie Mulhall was recommended to me, so I knew I was getting a great editor. What I didn’t know was that I was also getting a guide, spiritual guru, and friend as well. Melanie took a chance on me, a new author, and encouraged me with the words, "I think you might be on to something." Beyond making my voice and words sparkle, she provided insight and knowledge that bolstered my message and made my book more impactful. She also walked me through the processes of editing, design, and printing, which are places where any new author can get lost. If you are looking for an editor and soul sister, look no further!

Elisabeth A. Williams, CEO of AWE partners and author of The Gutsy Guide to Giving


Melanie Mulhall’s editing not only made Second Skin a much smoother read and gave it a professional patina, it also provided me valuable lessons on clarity and brevity. 

Price Colman, author of Second Skin


Melanie Mulhall took a scrambled mess of a manuscript and transformed it, which took a great deal of skill and magic.

Terry Kruegel, author of Embracing the Gap     


Melanie Mulhall dove into my novel to get at its soul. When I turned the manuscript over to Melanie, I was convinced it was well written. It was, but it was not anywhere near great. Melanie worked her magic, moving it to a plateau that astounds. She is my trusted editor and writing magician.

Jerry Fabyanic, author of the EVVY Award winning book 
Sisyphus Wins and host of the radio show The Writers Talk


As a professional book designer for over thirty years, my mantra to all authors who come to me with projects is, "Seek and hire a good, professional editor." That’s not as easy as it sounds since there are many layers to excellent editing, which is what any author should desire. Melanie Mulhall is not only an expert at all the details and nuances of word usage, punctuation, deciphering the complex Chicago Manual of Style, and all the other aspects of mechanical editing, but more importantly, she gets into the meat and potatoes of an author’s manuscript and delves into the heart and soul of a writer’s words. I can’t tell you how many authors have told me that Melanie Mulhall has lifted their work to another level, calling out where the missing threads are with story lines and character development, the essence of content development. There is a reason why Melanie Mulhall of Dragonheart Writing and Editing has garnered so many awards. She is at the top of her game.

Nick Zelinger, NZ Graphics, Award-Winner Design


Melanie Mulhall has the heart of a dragon and loving sprit of a horse. Her professionalism and directness gave me the guidance needed to polish Eponalisa for the reader. I write as I speak, and her spit and polish brought out the shine. Melanie under-promised and over-delivered her gifts to my work and her insights helped guide me through the tricky waters of editing and producing my book. [Note: Since this early endorsement, I have had the pleasure of working with Melisa on six other projects: Equusology (which she cowrote with Carolyn Fitzpatrick), What the Heck is Gestalt, and Touched by a Horse Equine Coaching Stories, volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4.]

Melisa Pearce, Founder/CEO of Touched by a Horse,
Author of the EVVY Award winning book, Eponalisa 


Thoughtful, detail-minded editors abound. Every writer needs an editor who can watch for fussy punctuation miscues and subtle inconsistencies. What’s rare is to find somebody with technical know-how who can also climb inside a story and suggest good ways to boost character, strengthen the plot, and tighten the spool. Melanie Mulhall is just such an editor. I highly recommend her eye for detail and her heart for getting it right.

     Mark Stevens, Author of the Best Selling Book, Antler Dust


Melanie has an amazing gift for helping writers connect the dots and eliminate the confusion. She has the unique ability to hear the heart of the matter and articulate it better than the author herself. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure. She not only enriched my book, but also my soul.

     Karmen Berentsen, Founder and CEO of A Line Boutique
and author of Learning to Fly


When I went searching for an editor for my book, Code 33: True California Cop Stories from the 1970s, I was initially drawn to Melanie Mulhall because of the many awards she had won as an author and editor. She took a copy of my first manuscript, which read something like a police report, and helped me turn it into an exciting multi-award-winning book. She spent many hours not just editing, but also coaching, encouraging, and guiding me through a world that was new to me. She was worth every dollar and more that I paid her. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a book editor. I will be calling on her again for my next book, and she will always be my friend.

     Thomas Wamsley, author of the EVVY Award winning book
Code 33: True California Cop Stories from the 1970s


I hired Melanie Mulhall for a manuscript review after I’d been working on the manuscript for quite a few years. I was feeling close to a final version, but I had some areas of concern, and I needed a fresh set of eyes on it. Melanie turned out to be a perfect person for providing a review at that stage. She was very helpful with advising me what to cut, showing what paragraphs were a muddle and not clear enough, and guiding me wisely with the questions I had about backstory. She was prompt and hardworking, and she showed genuine care for my manuscript. Melanie was generous with her time and reasonably priced. The value I got from her services was excellent. The best thing about Melanie's services is not just that she's a very skilled editor but that she extends so much genuine care for the author's manuscript.

     Chandi Wyant, author of Return to Glow,
travel writer, historian, and Italy expert


Melanie Mulhall is connected to the source of divine brilliance. Her use of linguistics is phenomenal, and it speaks to her high intellect. She has the ability to powerfully translate feelings and vision into written word in the most eloquent way. Anything she writes is a joy to read.

     Tara Johansson, Owner of Awakenings


Melanie starts with a keen insight into the process of bringing a book to fruition and then adds a well-honed ability to convery precisely what’s needed to achieve that. Her generosity of spirit met my manuscript with both respect and love. I received much more than I expected from her expert editing and highly recommend her services.

     Deborah Rylander, Author of Beyond the Dream


Using the editing services of Melanie Mulhall in launching my book was the best decision I have made in publishing my book, If These Ears Could Sing. She has a keen ability to look through eyes that are not just exclusive to editing. She was able to go to the heart of my message and see it from within before offering options in rewording, restating, or eliminating problematic areas. She edited with uncanny detail and attention to every aspect of my story without compromising my individiual style. 

Melanie has a delightful personality to accompany her outstanding professional skills as both a writer and editor. This combination is a gift to any writer. I would highly recommend her services and can tell you from my own experience the thrill of our collective effort in its printed form.

     Mike Gannon, Author of the EVVY Award winning book,
If These Ears Could Sing      


Melanie Mulhall is absolutely the best editor in this universe! She has a magnificent eye for detail and brings with that detail tremendous insight into the intricacies of making a story come alive. Melanie is a pleasure to work with and will become a lifelong member of your team. It is rare to find an individual that is so talented but also brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to the project. Melanie is one of those special individuals you are happy you met and her finished product is world class!

     King Hurley, CEO, Paandaa Entertainment,
Author of The Interview and Mondai Nai


It is every author’s greatest fear that an editor will distill, distort, or somehow make unidentifiable her unique signature: her voice. To find an editor who can tighten a phrase, tweak a word or two, and restructure a messy flow without losing the author’s voice is the dream and fantasy of every author. To have a working relationship of give and take, suggestion, and conversation is the icing on the cake of technical expertise.

Melanie is the icing and the cake too. With her intelligence, sensitivity, knowledge, and intuition, she works magic on my writings. They are clearly still mine, but cleaner, tighter, and more professional. Melanie pushes me to be a better writer and for a writer, it doesn’t get better than that.

     Cindy Morris, MSW, Author of Lift my Soul to Heaven:
Musings of a Modern Day Priestess


Melanie’s greatest gifts as an editor are the deep wisdom and intellect that she possesses as a person. This allows her to review a book and identify the areas that an author has not sufficiently explained, as well as make observations and suggestions that add depth and wisdom to the book.

Melanie helped my book Families Under Financial Stress to evolve to a higher level while preserving the integrity of my message and my point of view. When she returned my edited manuscript to me, I delighted out loud to my husband, "I can’t even tell where Melanie made changes! Her editing is seamless!" The voice still sounded just like me, only better.

     Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC, NCC, Licenced Pychotherapist & Director
of Flourish Counseling, LLC, Author of Families Under Financial Stress


Melanie Mulhall was a friend of mine long before I wrote my first manuscript. I was hesitant to engage her as my editor because I had always heard it wasn’t good to have an editor who might not tell you what you needed to hear. No such luck . . . Melanie does the job no matter what! My book, and any book, is better for Melanie’s work.

     Gretchen Kloten Minney, Author of
Called: Women Hear the Voice of the Divine


We asked Melanie to edit the content of all our web pages, as well as press releases, etc., and she did all this with great flair. She responds immediately, from anywhere, with a keen sense of how to present the message most effectively on the Internet, where the viewer’s attention needs to be captured immediately and he can escape your text at the click of a mouse. She knows when you have said too much and what is too little. We have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from Melanie’s wisdom and insight.

     Edwin Dean, Chairman,


After hearing Melanie talk at CIPA College, I knew she could help me. I wanted a good editor, but I also needed someone who would understand what I was writing about. I have a background in shamanism and a belief in the fairy world. These themes are woven through the pages of my book. I was astounded to learn that Melanie was well acquainted with these ideas. When such synchronicities happen, I know I’m on the right track. 

Besides honing the grammar, punctuation, and tenses, she streamlined unweildy sentences and helped me clarify the narrative. It’s as if she waved a magic wand over my book, improving it in countless ways. After editing, I asked her to coach me through the process of independent publishing. She not only spelled out all the steps, but also wrote the marketing piece for the back cover. Melanie has been a wonderful friend and cheerleader for me and the book.

     Maria Weber, Author of the EVVY Award Winning Book,
I’ll Be There to Write the Story


When you meet an editor who turns out to be your soul sister, magic is about to happen. And what magic it was (and is)! Melanie took care of my first-time author needs like a mother with a newborn. She knew exactly what I needed when I needed it, helped me express what wanted to be said when I didn’t have the words, and beautifully massaged my manuscript into a book that I love, while fully expressing my wisdom and joy in the world. I am ever so grateful.

     Ashi, Author of the EVVY Award Winning Book, Bless Your Mess 


It did my Irish heart good to work with Melanie Mulhall, who turned out to be a multi-faceted Irish lass. Melanie took my North-Denver-Mafia lingo and turned it into a professional book. I was a discipline problem in school and haven’t changed much. However, she helped me straighten up and fly right. She kept me out of trouble where grammar, punctuation, and copyright are concerned, rewrote passages, and inspired me to both add and rework parts of my book. We made it fun, too. Not only did I get an editor with beautiful Irish eyes, God sent me one who won a first place EVVY Award for editing.

     Jim Keelan, Author of How to Maintain Your Sanity in an Upside-Down World


I hired Melanie Mulhall to edit my newest book, Getting Started as an Independent Computer Consultant. As a busy consultant, writer, husband, and dad, I wanted to delegate as much of the editing process as possible. Melanie took the initiative to reword much of the content of my manuscript, while still maintaining my voice throughout. She also ghostwrote many of the segues between chapters so that the subjects flowed smoothly from one to another. 

As a writer and publisher herself, Melanie also provided me with valuable guidance on publishing, marketing, copyrighting, and other aspects of producing this book. Melanie also arranged to have my book proofread and indexed, with minimal oversight on my part. I would recommend Melanie Mulhall to any prospective author or publisher.

     Mitch Paioff, Author of Getting Started as an Independent Computer Consultant


Melanie has delivered powerful copywriting for me on a number of my marketing projects. She has written copy for print ads, press releases, postcards, flyers, web sites, and audio blurbs. She has also ghost written articles for me. On several occasions, I have entrusted her with project management along with copywriting. I found her to be highly responsible, working very well with graphic designers and my clients. Melanie listens carefully, then allows her subconscious to work before delivering a well thought out piece. She is a designer’s dream partner for creating outstanding marketing projects.

     Karen Saunders, MacGraphics Services, Graphic Designer and
Award Winning Author of Turn Eye Appeal into Buy Appeal


Melanie Mulhall not only demonstrated excellent grammar and editing skills, but more importantly for me, she became a partner that listened for what I wanted in a passage or the book to say. Then she applied her know-how, professionalism and get-it-done approach to make my book clearer, cleaner, and more compelling. She is terrific, and I highly recommend her to others to make her part of your publishing experience.

     Suzie Burke, RN, PhD, Author of Wholeness: My Healing Journey from Ritual Abuse


One of Melanie’s multi-faceted talents is that of editing. Having never used an editor before, I was lucky that she graciously informed me of the whole editing process and the different types of editing available. She also offered to work as a team with the graphic designer. She really educated me from start to finish and gave me great writing and editing tips. The end result--no surprise--was a great manuscript that kept true to my voice and message throughout. She was always available to answer my questions and I can sincerely say she is a true professional.

     Fiona Cattermole, MSW, CPBA,  Author of the
EVVY Award Winning Book, Kids and Kaos 


For the acknowledgment section of my book, Good to Go, I thanked editor Melanie Mulhall for crawling up inside my head. She put me in touch with my muses and myself during the writing process. As a first-time author, I found her suggestions and intuitions to be invaluable. Her guidance gave me a confident voice. Melanie Mulhall has talent, experience, and connections. That’s a nice package.

     Jo Myers, Good to Go Publishing, LLC,
Author of Good to Go: The ABCs of Death and Dying


Melanie Mulhall has the amazing gift of hearing your true voice in your writing. As an editor, Melanie mentors you on the process of writing, while supporting and clarifying your authentic message. I recommend Melanie to new and experienced writers as an editor who touches your heart and soul while assisting you in setting your words free.

     Jade Sund, Trainer, Ask Training International


I first met Melanie Mulhall at a Colorado Independent Publishers Association meeting. I had what I thought was the finished manuscript in my hand of my first book, the Power of Rituals for Women, but had been thinking that I needed one more thorough editing of the book. Melanie’s description of her editing style, "I will make your words sing, dance, and get attention," made my ears perk up. After talking with her on the phone, I knew she was the perfect editor. She did a superb job on polishing my book to a high shine with wordsmithing, grammar, punctuation and getting it clean and shiny for the next step. She is steeped in knowledge and experience in the book writing trade and gave me tremendous assistance and good advice on preparing my book for printing and publication. If you want your words to sing, dance and get attention, Melanie is your editor.

     Linda Ann Smith, Author & Speaker, Author of the
EVVY Award Winning Book, Power of Rituals for Women


I contacted Melanie to help edit a new book I was working on. Her professionalism shone through with each marking and note, along with respect and empathetic understanding for the message I wanted to portray. The common sense and wisdom she shares has helped tremendously with this project and I value the lessons that she continues to offer in the name of professionalism.

     Randi Levin, Gourmand and EVVY Award Winning Author of Baking at High Altitude


From my first conversation with Melanie Mulhall, I knew I was working with the consummate professional. From editing to copywriting, Melanie took the time to truly understand who I was and what my project was about. Her professional yet gentle manner helped guide me to the best possible results.

     Rob Roseman, Life Freedoms Incorporated, Author of Life’s Little Ahas


Melanie did a final edit on Practically Shameless at a time when I was so burned out on revisions that I could hardly bear to make another change, and she handled the job with tact and professionalism! It was a huge relief to me to hand my treasure over to an experienced editor and know it would be edited well and with my revision fatigue in mind! Melanie gave me very useful feedback on both style and content that will greatly assist as I prepare the next manuscript. I learned a good deal from the process about the odd ways I phrase things and punctuate, yet it was a complete pleasure to work with her. I’m very proud of the finished product and owe a lot to Melanie for her very careful attention to the text.

     Alyce Barry, Author of Practically Shameless


When I first started interviewing editors for my forthcoming book, Melanie was about the third or fourth editor I spoke to. I was impressed because she was inquisitive, and her insights were helpful at the same time. She took the time to explain what I needed to look for in an editor and the different levels of editing I should consider. Melanie was very helpful in smoothing out my manuscript, keeping my voice and message, and bringing the format to life . . . and she did it quickly. I highly recommend her for your efforts and she will edit my next book.

     Stephen C. Moulton, President, Action Insight, Inc.,
Author of The CEO’s Advantage, 7 Keys for Hiring Extraordinary Leaders

Melanie’s capacity for insight into what I am trying to accomplish is very effective. Working with Melanie is like bringing in the harvest: my multiple ideas and hunches come together into a cohesive whole that accomplishes what I wanted, even when this want was unclear at first.

     Erika Niemann, Systems4Empowerment

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