Shamanism is an ancient pathway to healing, harmony, and personal power. The role of the shaman is one of conscioulsy and deliberately navigating between oridinary reality and nonordinary realms for purposes of gaining knowledge, expanding awareness, and healing.

Shamanic methods are, perhaps, the earliest ways in which humans sought to find internal peace and harmony among body, mind, spirit, and emotions. They not only continue to be relevant today, they may be more relevant than ever as we seek to evolve, expand consciousness, and find right relationship with heaven and earth.

Dragonheart assists individuals, groups, and organizations using methods that are ancient and powerful to include:

  • Shamanic Journey;
  • Soul Retrieval;
  • Home/Property/Business Clearings and Blessings;
  • Ceremonies/Rituals (Weddings, Rites of Passage, etc.);
  • Intuitve Consultation;
  • Past Life Exploration;
  • Shadow Work;
  • Dream Analysis;
  • Spirit Guide/Power Animal Work;
  • Corporate Shamanism, and;
  • Speaking/Workshops

For individuals, this work can be personally transformative.

Corporate shamanic work can help those working within organizations understand and navigate the organic entity that is the organization more congruently, fostering organizational transformation.

For those called to shamanic work, apprenticeships are also offered.

Beach Miracle, by Sally Elliott

Beach Miracle, by Sally Elliott