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The world of the shaman is filled with myths, symbols, and archetypes. So is the world of the visual artist. Both the shaman and the artist work with these in ways that inspire, inform, heal, and transform. Both dance and dialogue with mystery.  The work of two extraordinary women artists appear on this site.

Tone Aandera’s art is beautiful, evocative, and often very shamanic. Tone was born in Norway, studied in New York, where she earned BFA and MFA degrees, and now lives in Belgium, where she and her husband, Ignace Clarysse, are stewards of Art Sanctuary. Tone’s work Flying Tree spoke to me so compellingly that I knew she was a member of my tribe. To learn more about Tone Aanderaa, her art, and Art Sanctuary, go to:


Sally Elliott’s art, which flows from her dreams and life experience, often combines what is vivid and raw with what is deeply spiritual.  She holds a BA in Fine Arts and an MFA, both earned at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she has also been a professor in the visual arts program. Sally’s art tugged at me in a manner equivalent to her gorgeous spirit. She has become a sister of the heart . . . and her piece, Beach Miracle, lives with me in my home. To learn more about Sally Elliott and her art, go to:


A true blessing in my life is shaman Antonio Arguello, whose photograph of the shaman’s altar also appears on this site.